My Frequency

Designer Jennifer Benitez founded the brand early 2000 with the idea of creating jewelry that united her passion for wearable art, inspired by multicultural influences, femininity and nature.

Jen's work is characterized by her feminine style mixed with cultural inspiration and west coast hip hop. From cowrie shells to trefoils, florals to coconut shells, the brand encompasses a strong commitment to her internal and external expression.

The brand's main influence is built on three foundational pillars - Authenticity, Culture, and Impact. It is with these three key ingredients that influence her approach to design, storytelling, and experience.

As a woman of color, female run company, she believes in making a difference in the lives of the people who help sustain our communities. Her last collection raised almost $500 to support a woman's advocacy organization in the Philippines, providing women with resources and funding to get back on their feet.